CfP A Germanic Sandwich 2019

26.10.2018 | Hans Beelen

Op 23 en 24 mei 2019 organiseren het Meertens Instituut en de Universiteit van Amsterdam de volgende aflevering van A Germanic Sandwich, een (ongeveer) tweejaarlijkse conferentie waarop het Nederlands beschouwd wordt in contrast met de buurtalen Duits en Engels. Eerdere afleveringen werden gehouden in Berlijn, Sheffield, Oldenburg, Leuven, Nottingham en Münster, voertalen zijn Nederlands, Duits en Engels.

De aankondiging en uitnodiging luiden als volgt:

The renowned Dutch linguist C.B. van Haeringen showed in his 1956 book Nederlands tussen Duits en Engels that Dutch not only holds the middle ground between German and English with respect to the area where it is spoken, but is also ‘in between’ these languages in a highly systematic way when it comes to its linguistic structure. Though Van Haeringen’s account of this ‘Germanic Sandwich’ pattern focused on how Dutch historically drifted towards more analytic structures, later comparative investigations expanded this work considerably, adding more linguistic phenomena, highlighting structural and typological patterns and differences, and exploring psycho- and sociolinguistic explanations as well.

Call for Papers: 

We invite abstracts for 20-minute talks (+10 minutes discussion), in which Dutch is compared to German and/or English (other Germanic languages may of course be included as well). We welcome typological and/or comparative studies dealing with questions about structural aspects of these languages, their history or their status. Studies from a language acquisition or psycholinguistic perspective are also welcome. Abstracts should be written in one of the conference languages (English, Dutch, German) and may be no more than 1 A4 in length, including all figures and references.

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