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17.03.2022 | Köln

A Germanic Sandwich 2022

The conference "A Germanic Sandwich 2022" will be organised by the Department of Dutch Language and Literature of the University of Cologne. 

A Germanic Sandwich 2022

The 8th international conference on the comparative study of Dutch, English and German, 'A Germanic Sandwich 2022', will be hosted by the Institute of Dutch Language and Literature and the Cologne Center of Language Sciences at the University of Cologne on 17-18 March 2022.

In case the pandemic situation would not allow an on-site meeting, the conference will be held online.

In his 1956 book ‘Nederlands tussen Engels en Duits’, the renowned Dutch linguist C.B. van Haeringen showed that the area in which Dutch is spoken is not only geographically located between the English and the German one, but Dutch also takes up a position ‘in between’ English and German in terms of its linguistic structure.

In 2005, the first conference in which Dutch was compared to German and/or English, took place in Berlin, commemorating Van Haeringen’s inspiring book. Subsequent editions of the ‘Germanic Sandwich’-conference were held in Sheffield (2008), Oldenburg (2010), Leuven (2013), Nottingham (2015), Münster (2017) and Amsterdam (2019). The next meeting will take place in Cologne on 17-18 March 2022.

Organisers: Ann Marynissen & Christian Gewering

The call for papers is now open!

Important dates:

Conference: 17-18 March 2022.

Deadline for abstract submission: November 22, 2021.

Notification of acceptance: Januar 10, 2022.


Call for papers

We invite abstracts for talks of 20 minutes (+ 10 minutes’ discussion), in which Dutch is compared to German and/or English (other Germanic languages may be included as well).

We welcome studies with a typological and/or comparative perspective, dealing with structural and variational aspects of these neighbouring languages from a synchronic as well as a diachronic point of view. Studies from a language acquisition or a psycholinguistic perspective are also welcome.

We especially encourage young researchers to submit their abstracts, in order to achieve a good balance between experienced and young scholars at the conference. If the number of accepted submissions exceeds the available time slots, we will consider organizing a poster session.

Abstracts of max. 500 words (including references) should be written in one of the conference languages (English, Dutch, German) and should be submitted to

Deadline for submitting abstracts: November 22, 2021.

Notification of acceptance: Januar 10, 2022.

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Vergangene Veranstaltungen

12.03.2012 | Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Hörsaalzentrum

Docentenbijeenkomst Niederlandistenverband, Oldenburg, 12 maart 2012

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18.11.2011 | Wien

Dynamiek, Variatie & Verschil, Doktoranden- und Habilitanden-Kolloquium, Universiteit Wenen, 18 en 19 november 2011

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5.11.2010 | Oldenburg

Doktoranden- und Habilitanden-Kolloquium van de Duitstalige neerlandistiek te Oldenburg, 5-6 november 2010

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5.03.2010 | Köln

Docentenbijeenkomst van universitaire neerlandici in het Duitse taalgebied, Keulen, 5-6 maart 2010

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30.10.2009 | Berlin

Internationale en interdisciplinaire perspectieven van neerlandistisch onderzoek (Niederlandistisches Doktoranden- und Habilitanden-Kolloquium, Berlin, 30.-31.10.2009)

Das 'Doktoranden- und Habilitanden-Kolloquium' für Niederlandisten fand am 30. und 31. Oktober 2009 statt und wurde organisiert durch den Fachbereich Niederländische Philologie der Freien Universität Berlin. Das Kolloquium besteht inzwischen schon mehr als zehn Jahre und bietet jungen Niederlandisten, die an Universitäten im deutschen Sprachraum tätig sind, die Gelegenheit, ihre Forschung den Kollegen anderer Universitäten als auch eingeladenen Niederlandisten aus den Niederlanden und Flandern vorzustellen.

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